How much time should my students spend on the simulation?

This answer will vary depending on the simulation level you've chosen for your students.  It can range anywhere between 30 minutes per decision round for our introductory levels, and 2.5 hours per decision round for our more advanced levels.  

Depending on the amount of time you have available in-class, and on the complexity of the simulation, some of the work may need to be completed outside of class.  If you'd like to let your students know how much time they'll be expected to spend on the simulation, you can get an estimate of the time required for each decision round by visiting the link below.  Just select any level you're interested in and you'll be able to see an overview for that level, as well as an estimated time requirement.

You can also call or e-mail our support team at any time and they would be happy to help.  

Phone: +1 - 865 - 522 - 1946

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