Market Impact Graph

(This is located under Special Sales Force Programs & Promotions)


     This graph is designed to indicate the relative impact of the different methods and longevity of said impact.  It does not relate to individual sales personnel, but rather, the relative impact of one tactic compared to another.  The 'Impact' side of the graph represents the overall impact that each program will have on your demand in relation to each other.  

     Your companies are not able to predict the change in demand from each program, as these are new programs and the industry is still young, but they have been able to predict the relative impact of each program by surveying employee interest and other electronics industry examples.  Keep in mind that these are different electronics industries that all work with different products (cameras, televisions, radios, etc.). Because of this, the demand and response curves are different for each type of product.  However, sales people in each industry have similar wants and needs.  

     There is no way of knowing the quantitative effect on overall demand or demand per sales person.  It can be assumed that all of these tactics will positively affect demand.  Some will have a very quick spike in demand generation, while others will have less immediate impact but will carry over well into future quarters.  

     The only way to obtain specific data on the actual impact is to test the market.  Keep in mind that some of your other decision areas may also have an effect on demand. 

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