My game should have processed by now, why hasn't it?

     If you have submitted your decisions and the quarter deadline has passed but you have not yet moved to the next quarter then there may be several reasons for this:

  • You are in a 'compete against peers' game and another team has not yet submitted their decisions
  • You may not have completely wrapped up your decisions
  • Your instructor may be holding the results
  • You may have moved to the next quarter, but the change has not yet been displayed on your screen
  • Your quarter may still be processing

     The first of these is the most common issue that we encounter when addressing student questions.  If you are playing against your peers, then the game will wait until all teams have submitted their decisions before it will process.  You may wish to make your instructor aware that there is a team that has not yet submitted their decisions.  Normally, they will receive an e-mail from us alerting them to this fact. However, they may not have seen the e-mail.  Try giving a friendly reminder to your classmates.  If this does not work, then you may have to involve your instructor. 

     If you are using Marketplace 6 or one of our older games, you may not have completely wrapped up your decisions.  Go back to the 'wrap up' or 'submit' task list item and make sure that you have submitted your decisions.  

     In some cases, your instructor may elect to withhold the results of the quarter while they review them.  Once your instructor has the information that they need, they can then release the results to you.  If some time has passed since your quarter was supposed to have processed, and you know that all other teams have submitted their decisions, you may want to ask your instructor if they are withholding the results. 

     Moving between quarters is not always apparent and often times there is no on-screen indicator that you have moved forward.  If your instructor has stated that you should be in the next quarter, but you do not see this on your screen, look at the top of your screen for a 'next quarter' button.  If you do not find this, it may be necessary for you to log out and back in to the simulation.  

     In rare cases, your game may be held by our quality checker.  The quality check is the last step in processing your game.  This ensures that everything has been done correctly and that the game is running as it is supposed to.  In the few cases that this happens, you may have to wait an additional 15-20 minutes (although usually much less).  Do not worry about notifying anyone.  Our support team is ready to step in 24/7 and by the time you notice, we will already have been alerted to the issue.  

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