Customer Union messages. What do they mean?

     While playing the Marketplace© simulation, it is not uncommon for teams to receive messages from the Customer Union regarding their brands or advertisements.  Typically they will state:

"Your firm has selected the X segment as the (First/Second) target market.  However, none of your brands meet the minimum requirements of this target segment.  Therefore, Customer Union has not recommended any of your firm's brands for X.  You are advised to develop a new brand to better meet your target segment's needs."


     This message means that the brand you designed for your target segment does not have the features that your customers want. If you receive this message, it means that your brand scored below a 70 on its brand judgement score and should be re-designed. Keep in mind, that these messages do not mean that your brands cannot or will not be sold. However, it does mean that, if your competition has a brand rated higher they will sell more units than you by far. You may receive new market research to help you improve your brands, if you purchased it. You may also be able to look at your competition's brands and use some of their ideas to improve your own brand. You must also assume that your competitors will be continually improving as well. You may also be able to design more brands this quarter. If so, you may attempt to design multiple brands for the same target segment, you can then decide which brand was best and use it as the basis for all of your future improvements.  

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