What are Target Segments? Can I change my target segments?

Target segments are how your company designates what markets they wish to sell to. These target segments report to your balanced scorecard any time information is needed about your brands or market share. You will have a total of two target segments in the simulation, but this does not mean that you are limited to selling to only two of those segments. Keep in mind that your best segments should be your first and second target segments.

Depending on the level of the simulation that you are using, you will initially either specify one or two target markets, initially. If you only chose one target market to begin with, you will be directed to choose another target market in later quarters.


Your target markets can be changed in any quarter, and without penalty. Your venture capitalists trust that you will put their money to good use, and will let you and your team decide how to approach the market, and when or if you should change your strategy.

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