What happens if a team member submits a decision that has not been agreed upon by the rest of the team?

There are a few different possible scenarios here. It all depends on when the decisions were submitted: 

  1. If the decisions were submitted during the quarter before processing (i.e. a student accidentally submitted early) then the team can just withdraw their set of submitted decisions. The teams can withdraw their submitted decisions any time before the processing deadline to make changes. 

  2. If the decisions were submitted at the deadline and the game moves to the next quarter, the support team has the power to roll the game back to the previous quarter to let the team(s) correct any last-minute mistakes. The most important thing here is time — when the support team rolls the game back, the students will lose any decisions that they have made in the current quarter. If the students notice right away that they forgot to make an important decision before any of the other teams have made any important decisions in the current quarter, then it is usually very easy to roll the game back. If, however, the team is 4 hours into the current quarter and they realize that they forgot to make a crucial decision it is much more difficult to roll the game back, because all of the other teams will lose 4 hours worth of work.

It is important to note that the support team will never roll the game back on a student's request. The request to roll back the game must always come from the instructor or course administrator.

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